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I can’t remember quite how I stumbled across Emma, but suffice to say it must have been Spirit that compelled me to buy a ticket for me, myself, and I to attend one of her events at Monigram in Cambridge. I had been wanting to “let Spirit in” for a while, but struggled to find ways to fit my spirituality and my practice into my everyday life; luckily for me, one of the first questions asked that evening was about Emma’s Workshop Weekend (and her book!) that shows you how to do just that!

Having seen Emma at work both acting as a conduit for Spirit to share their messages with their loved ones and as a teacher and counsellor helping others on their path with Spirit, I feel so lucky to have found her.

Emma has an unparalleled ability to make her extraordinary relationship with Spirit entirely ordinary – and achievable by anyone.

Emma has an unparalleled ability to make her extraordinary relationship with Spirit entirely ordinary – and achievable by anyone. She delivers messages with grace and sensitivity, coaches and teaches with wisdom and expertise, and treats everyone with kindness and warmth of spirit.
I am lucky to count Emma as a friend, and consider her a guide and mentor on my journey with Spirit. I cannot wait to continue learning from her when I can, and would recommend her services to anyone. She is truly special! Thank you, Emma!

-Holly Marie

I had the amazing opportunity to have gone to one of Emma’s workshops. Absolutely amazing.

She is one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve ever had. She really connects with her students like peers, like we’re all on the same level.

Her explanations completely helped me through my own spiritual journey. The tools she taught me are a huge blessing. I’m so grateful to have have you on my path Emma. You truly are an amazing person. Never forget that. You are going to help thousands–trillions!

-Laurie F.

Emma has been a part of some of our families most incredible milestones over the last 6 years! I am so grateful our paths crossed and eternally grateful for her GIFT!

My Intuitive Guidance sessions have been such a powerful tool on my journey as a mom and entrepreneur.

It has helped me to find more alignment with my goals, listen to my gut a whole lot more and in some of the messages that were revealed it has validated, help me to prioritize area’s of my personal and work life and pushed me in new ways.

As an entrepreneur I can not say enough about how this has helped me continue to grow and move in the right direction…with ease!

Which is a beautiful thing! Thank you for your gift Emma and I can’t wait for my next session!


I am so blessed that the universe brought Emma into my life. She is such a down to earth, authentic person and is truly a messenger.

She brings so much light and magic to her work and I have sampled them ALL…..personal readings, live event (at wellness centre) and a beautiful weekend of her teachings.

Thank you Emma for making my life so much fuller!


 I feel so blessed to have been able to work with Emma. The very first time I had a session with her she connected to my dad. He died when I was 17 years old and he came through so clearly with powerful messages that offered me incredible support on my path. The words she channelled through from him are on my heart and in my mind to this day.  Her intuitive guidance and loving support has meant the world to me and I highly recommend her to everyone I know.

I trust Emma immensely and feel the depths of heart and soul that she puts into everything that she does in the world.

Thank you Emma!! You are a gift to humanity and I am so very grateful to know you. You have touched and changed my life in more ways than words could express.

-Celeste Frenette

I’ve known Emma from her former life as a photographer up until the day she owned her power and shared her gift as a medium with the world. Whether she’s pulling cards for me or sharing her communicative gifts with my loved ones, I’ve always felt loved, supported and hopeful with the messages she’s shared.

Through her meditation classes and intuition workshops I’ve been able to more strongly recognize my own intuition and ability to manifest magic. Once you know – it’s hard not to know.

Once you start living on a higher spiritual plane – going back isn’t an option.

I am blessed to know, Emma – you will be too.